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Is it time to treat your pool?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

How To Decide If A Pool Is Suitable For Treatment With Cyanuric Acid Reducer?

Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer (CAR) is a revolutionary product for the safe and rapid reduction of cyanuric acid (CYA) in outdoor swimming pools.

Proper use of the product requires the ability to accurately measure CYA levels in pool water before and after treatment.

This check list will help you determine if a pool is suitable for application of Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer and will help you ensure you and your customers are able to obtain the best possible results from the product.

Before using Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer a pool should meet each of these criteria:

The pool must be an outdoor pool.

Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer is formulated for use only in outdoor pools. Indoor pool water can have slightly different water chemistry and may not allow for full effect to take place.

The pool water temperature must be 65°F to 105°F (18°C to 41°C).

Bio-Active™ is a biological treatment technology which operates optimally within these temperature ranges.

The pool water pH is between 7.2 and 7.8.

Bio-Active™ is formulated to provide optimal removal of CYA at this pH range. While the product will work outside this range all common CYA test methods will not provide accurate readings when pH is outside this range. Starting and post-treatment CYA testing must be conducted when the pool water pH is in this range.

The pool water has Total Chlorine of 5ppm or less at time of application and for 7 days following application.

Bio-Active™ is formulated to operate at total chlorine levels less than 5ppm. As a biological product, total chlorine levels above this can limit the effectiveness of the product in the pool and result in less than optimal CYA reduction. Allow chlorine to dissipate down to less than 5ppm or use a chlorine reduction product as required before Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer.

It has been at least 7 days since any Shock Treatments have been applied to the pool.

Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer is a biological treatment that can be inhibited by chemicals that have high oxidization potential. Shock treatments work by providing a high oxidization rate for a limited period of time in the pool to remove contaminants. Allowing 7 days after the last shock treatment will help ensure Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer can work to its full potential in the pool

The pool has not been treated with high levels of metals such as copper or silver.

Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is resistant to some level of metals however high dosages of metals such as copper or silver can limit the efficacy or prevent it from working entirely. Pools that have been treated for long-periods of time with metal based products or have been shocked with these products may not be suitable for treatment with CAR.

Please also remember to properly clean your test kit prior to use to ensure accurate measurements. Keeping these 7 simple checks in mind will help you and your customers obtain the best possible results from Bio-Active™ Cyanuric Acid Reducer. Please share this information with all sales staff. Please also share these tips with pool service contractors that purchase Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer from you.

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