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I’ve been using Bio-Active in some of my commercial accounts, where pool usage is heavy and the amount of chlorine tabs used to sanitize is high, causing my Cyanuric Acid levels to be very high. We are required by the County Health Department to keep levels less than 100 ppm. Draining and refilling a pool is very expensive due to the drought we are facing here in SoCal, until I overheard about Bio-Active among the guys at our pool supply warehouse. This product is amazing, great way to reduce high levels of Cyanuric Acid without having to go the expensive route and drain a pool. As a pool tech this makes our lives much easier to prevent chlorine lock, in about a week my levels were at 150 ppm down to 70 ppm. I have been working for big companies like Irvine Company, Western National, Four Seasons, and have many years in the field working with pools professionally and this product is a game changer. Love this product and recommend it to those who are in the dilemma with high levels of Cyanuric Acid, and don’t want to drain their pool.



I started cleaning pools back in the early 1970’s and our company had over 1000 pools on service. When you add cyanuric acid, otherwise known as conditioner or stabilizer in the water it holds chlorine in the pool water. When the Cyanuric Acid reaches 100+ ppm we normally had to drain the pool half way and fill with fresh water to get the pool back in in the range top about 50 ppm, otherwise the Health Department would shut down our commercial pools until we drain them. When I was approached to try this new invention, I was game; it’s called Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer. I dropped it in my skimmer and was amazed; the product took my cyanuric acid from 100+ to 40 ppm in a week. It also didn’t touch the other chemicals in the pool one bit. The product is safe to swim in and I told the product developers that it’s a miracle. With the water shortage all over, this product will change our industry forever. Thank you Bio-Active™, this product is unbelievable!



I received and used the Cyanuric Acid Reducer product about a week ago. Instead of draining my pool, I figured I would try this out and save a few hundred dollars. In just 5 days, cyanuric acid levels literally DROPPED from 100 ppm to 50 ppm! This is a great product and I am just so thankful I don’t have to waste my time emptying and refilling my pool.



I'm so thankful that I found Bio-Active’s new Cyanuric Acid Reducer product! Seven years ago I had to completely drain my pool since conditioner levels were so high; I was required to spend over $600 for pump out and replacement water & sewage charges. When my pool guy told me that conditioner levels were too high again I was about to break down crying. Fortunately my pool guy suggested that I use this new product that supposedly lowered conditioner levels. I tried it and all I have to say is WOW! Within a week, levels were cut down to half and within respectable levels. I am very impressed and I wished this product have come out sooner so I would not have had to spend so much money. Thanks Bio-Active!


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Regarding Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer, I have over 900 commercial pools and spas in the desert area, we have the world’s largest HOA with 54 pools and spas. We took a bag of product on a pool which went from 140 ppm down to 40 ppm in 24 hours. Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer is unbelievable! I could not believe my eyes. To not have to drain these pools again and just put a package of this product in the skimmer is a game changer. Over 30 years in the pool business, this is the greatest product I have ever seen.



I maintain a 175,000 gallon pool on the Las Vegas strip, so it gets quite a lot of use. The cyanuric acid levels eventually crept up to 120 ppm so I tried this new product to reduce cyanuric acid by Bio-Active. All I had to do was pour it in and watch the levels go down. After only 24 hours, the levels dropped straight down to 38 ppm! I couldn’t believe it, but it worked!



No matter how much chlorine I poured onto my pool it just never seemed to sanitize it. I took a sample to the local pool store and found that the levels of cyanuric acid were so high that it was not allowing for chlorine to do its stuff. Then my neighbor told me about a new product by Bio-Active which claimed to drop cyanuric acid levels. I figured I’d try it, and if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work but if it does then hooray!!! Guess what, I tried it and it worked! The Cyanuric Acid Reducer actually managed to lower the levels of CYA from over 200 to 120! It wasn’t long after where I was even able to lower the levels of free chlorine to 4 ppm, where they should be. I’d whole heartedly recommend this product to a friend if they would ever face the same problem

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